Spence Fine Art
Interior and Fine Art Photography


Spence Fine Art is a Chicago based photography company specializing in capturing interiors and fine art. We work with individuals, interior designers, architects and builders to help capture their interior and exterior vision to help publish or generate new business. We also sell professional fine art photography. We work with photography gear designed for larger prints and can offer our limited edition photos in large scale format or unique groupings of various sizes. We’d love to help you revive your space with some beautiful photography or capture your already amazing space!


Matt Spence Phillips

Art and photography has been a part of Matt’s life since an early age. Studying video production and art in college, Matt always had an affinity for the arts. He’s been working in film post production for over 15 years and owns his own color grading business. Blending his passion for still photography has been a natural progression.

Living in Chicago, a city filled with prolific design and architecture led him to interior design photography. His love of the outdoors and sustainability has drawn him to photograph elements of nature in natural and urban settings.

Spence is a family name that we hold with great pride. It goes back to several generations of photographers and trail blazers. This is part of what keeps Matt pursuing the craft of creating beautiful images.

Brigitte Biliskis

Brigitte has over 12 years of experience managing a fine art gallery near Chicago. Her gallery works with established contemporary artists nationally and internationally. In addition, she has a background in interior design and photography. She has built industry partnerships with printing companies around Chicago and expands the limits of photo display.

She’s an integral part of Spence Fine Art, working with clients to find the perfect piece of art for their space or producing on location photo shoots. She also creatively collaborates on many fine art photography projects with Matt and is often drawn to beautiful nuances found in nature or capturing something ordinary in an artistic perspective.