Spence Fine Art
Interior and Fine Art Photography

Luxury Home Photography

At Spence Fine Art our focus is interior design photography and architecture photography. We also provide fine art photography customized for residential or corporate spaces. Our goal is to partner with our clients and use our creative expertise to best capture the space or provide fine art. We know how important your next project is and photographing the perfect images for our interior designers and builders is extremely rewarding to us.

Interior Design Photography in Chicago

Our Chicago based interior design photography studio explores each project with a fresh eye. We strive to highlight your home interior photography through natural light and clean compositions. Our real estate photography projects in and around the city reveal the details that make each space unique. Some of our luxury home photography projects have been recognized in home interior contests and have won awards.

Fine Art Photography

Our passion for fine art floral photography stems from our love of nature and the emotions it brings out. The artistic aesthetic of our fine art photography is balance and beauty. We look to complement each individual space and guide our clients in choosing the right art for them. At Spence Fine Art we partner with printing companies that use the best quality materials available. Our color or black and white photography can stand alone or look great in groupings.

Architecture Photography in Chicago

As an architecture photographer in the Chicagoland area there are plenty of opportunity to capture the structure and style of this great city. We work with builders to highlight what is unique about their architectural design. We always provide a plan of action to meet the challenges of exterior architecture photography when unexpected conditions arise. Depth, clean lines and perfectly framed compositions is the mainstay of Spence Fine Art.